FOSSology 3.7.0 release

Shaheem Azmal M MD

Hello everyone,

We have released FOSSology 3.7.0 yesterday.

As for the release 3.7.0 of FOSSology, most notable additions since are:
  • The scanner that finds dedicated SPDX-License-Ref statements in files is now supported by the auto-decision mode in FOSSology. Thus generated SPDX documents will not only have the information about licenses found by scanners, but also allow for automatically adding conclusions. Note that this can be triggered also by the REST API. 
  • The REST API has been adapted to better integrate with SW360. This version of FOSSology is suitable for use with SW360 6.0 in order to have a working integration between the two.


Credits go to the following persons for this release since 3.7.0-RC1:
Anupam Ghosh <anupam.ghosh@...>
Gaurav Mishra <mishra.gaurav@...>
Martin Michlmayr <tbm@...>
Maximilian Huber <maximilian.huber@...>
Michael C. Jaeger <michael.c.jaeger@...>
Shaheem Azmal M MD <shaheem.azmal@...>

Please find the release and binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu based systems on release page.

FOSSology Team