FOSSology 3.6.0 release

Shaheem Azmal M MD

Hello everyone,

After two release candidates, making fixes for migration tests, unified report and load issues with tree-view, FOSSology is stable enough for a new release. The main features of the 3.6.0 release can be found under

[RC1]( Particular corrections after RC1 can be found under [RC2](


Few interesting features in this release are: 


  • A new agent named `ojo` (eye in Spanish) which does dedicated searches for the 'SPDX-License-Identifier' statements
  • Improved handling of manually added copyright statements to files
  • Improvements to the SPDX reporting, for example output also of comments
  • Calculating the SHA256 values for files from now on, because that is going to be used for integration of, for example, Software Heritage or Clearly defined


Credits to 3.6.0


  From the git commit history, we have following contributors since 3.5.0:


  > @andi8086 <andreas.reichel@...>,

  > @ag4ums <anupam.ghosh@...>,

  > @hastagAB <classicayush@...>,

  > @chienphamvu <chienphamvu@...>,

  > @ChristopheRequillart <christophe.requillart@...>,

  > @GMishx <mishra.gaurav@...>,

  > @maxhbr <maximilian.huber@...>,

  > @mcjaeger <michael.c.jaeger@...>,

  > @NicolasToussaint <nicolas1.toussaint@...>,

  > @PeterDaveHello <hsu@...>,

  > @rlintu <raino.lintulampi@...>,

  > @sandipbhuyan <sandipbhuyan@...>,

  > @shaheemazmalmmd <shaheem.azmal@...>,

  > @tiegz <tieg@...>,

  > @vivekaindia <vvksindia@...>

Please find the release and binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu based systems [here](

Shaheem Azmal M MD