FOSSology 3.10.0 release

Shaheem Azmal M MD

Hello everyone,

We have released FOSSology 3.10.0 today.

This release adds important corrections to 3.10.0-rc2
The release 3.10.0 introduces following major changes since 3.9.0:
* Change copyright handling add new table `copyright_event`.
* Drop support for PHP5 and update dependencies for PHP7
* Update password hashing algorithm from SHA1 to more secure bcrypt.
* Advance search and replace for copyrights.
* Ability to enforce password policies (under Admin > Customize).
* Feature to import license acknowledgement from NOTICE file.
* Read XML in chunks to support large files for ReportImport.
* Add license search based on short name in REST.
* Ability to search file from hash values in REST API.
* Do not add decisions if the events have no change.
* Migrate github pages deployment to GHA.

NOTE: This release also adds a migration script which migrates copyright data to new table copyright_event.
      Migration processes is mandatory because without migration, old copyright activation/deactivation may not work.
      Also, it approximately takes 15 min for 1M records.
#### Credits to contributors for 3.10.0
From the GIT commit history, we have following contributors since [3.9.0](
Alan Hohn <Alan.M.Hohn@...>
Aman Dwivedi <aman.dwivedi5@...>
Andreas J. Reichel <andreas.reichel@...>
Anupam Ghosh <anupam.ghosh@...>
Avinal Kumar <avinal.xlvii@...>
Bartłomiej Dróżdż <bartlomiej.drozdz@...>
Darshan <kansagara.darshan97@...>
David Lechner <david@...>
Dineshkumar Devarajan (RBEI/BSF6) <Devarajan.Dineshkumar@...>
Gaurav Mishra <mishra.gaurav@...>
Helio Chissini de Castro <helio@...>
Mikko Murto <mikko.murto@...>
Michael C.Jaeger <michael.c.jaeger@...>
Pawan Kumar Meena <Pawank1804@...>
Piotr Pszczola <piotr.pszczola@...>
rlintu <raino.lintulampi@...>
Sahil <sjha200000@...>
Shaheem Azmal M MD <shaheem.azmal@...>
Shruti3004 <>
Toussaint Nicolas <nicolas1.toussaint@...>
YashJipkate <yashjipkate@...>
For complete list of commits, please check 3.10.0-rc1 and 3.10.0-rc2.

We would like to thank you all for your support for this release.

Best Regards
FOSSology Team