FOSSology 4.1.0 Release

Gaurav Mishra

Hello everyone,


We have released FOSSology 4.1.0 today.


The release 4.1.0 introduces new agent ScanCode, used to scan for licenses, copyrights etc.

The release 4.1.0 also introduces new feature to automatically deactivate the copyrights and cutter removal. There is a special note about this feature.

  • As this feature can still be improved, we are marking this as experimental and not recomended for productive instances.
  • Also this feature requires to install additional dependencies. One needs to run fo-postinstall with --python-experimental.


Major changes since 4.0.0:

  • Add a new agent scancode-toolkit
  • Deciding copyrights with Spacy
  • Add new decision type non-functional
  • Admin can delete any upload
  • Fix unicode replacement in exportLicenseRef
  • Provide server version on REST api
  • Update license texts from SPDX
  • Clixml-xml based reporting format
  • Security fix for JWT tokens
  • Migration fix for copyrights


Credits to contributors for 4.1.0

  • Anupam Ghosh <anupam.ghosh@...>
  • Archisman Dawn <archismandawn7@...>
  • coder-whale @coder-whale
  • Gaurav Mishra <mishra.gaurav@...>
  • Ettinger Katharina <katharina.ettinger@...>
  • Karthik Krishna <gkarthikkrishna1@...>
  • Kaushlendra Pratap <kaushlendrapratap.9837@...>
  • krishna9304 <krishna.mahato@...>
  • Rohit Pandey <rohit.pandey4900@...>
  • Sarita Singh <saritasingh.0425@...>
  • Shaheem Azmal M MD <shaheem.azmal@...>
  • SvetaInChina <Huaying.Liu@...>
  • Tassilo Pitrasch <t.pitrasch@...>
  • Toussaint Nicolas <nicolas1.toussaint@...>


For complete list of commits, please check 4.1.0 and 4.1.0-rc1.


We would like to thank you all for your support for this release.


Best regards,

Gaurav Mishra