FOSSology 4.0.0 Release

Shaheem Azmal M MD

Hello everyone,

We have released FOSSology 4.0.0 today.


This release adds important corrections to 4.0.0-rc1 .


The release 4.0.0 introduces following major changes since 3.11.0:


* Support Debian 11

* Add bootstrap in fossology to beautify ui

* Remove old gold files

* Remove old log files

* Provide custom delimiters for monkbulk scan

* New info and health endpoints for rest

* Update license texts from SPDX

* Add new report format CSV.

* Option to make user details read-only

* Make global decisions configurable while upload



The release also introduces new look to fossology tool,

only few pages have changes/classes of new bootstrap UI. Other

pages still needs corrections.


From the GIT commit history, we have following contributors since 3.11.0:



For complete list of commits, please check 4.0.0.

We would like to thank you all for your support for this release.

Best Regards
Shaheem Azmal M MD