FOSSology 3.11.0 Release Candidate 1

Shaheem Azmal M MD

Hello everyone,

We have released FOSSology 3.11.0-rc1 today.

This release adds important corrections to 3.10.0
The release  3.11.0-rc1 introduces following major changes since 3.10.0:
  • Add bulk undo for deactivated copyrights.
  • Configurable irrelevant file scan for monkbulk.
  • Add job to remove expired tokens from database.
  • Add a simple search to get folder.
  • Unit test cases for REST API.
  • Reuse edited copyright.
  • Add scroll to NOTICE file modal

Credits to contributors for 3.11.0-rc1 :
  • Aman Dwivedi <aman.dwivedi5@...>
  • Anupam Ghosh <anupam.ghosh@...>
  • Anwar Hashmi @HashmiAS
  • bighnesh0404 <saibighneshprusty@...>
  • Gaurav Mishra <mishra.gaurav@...>
  • OmarAbdelSamea <1700903@...>
  • R3da <hash.rkh@...>
  • Rolf Eike Beer <eb@...>
  • Shaheem Azmal M MD <shaheem.azmal@...>
  • shivamgoyal7 <goyalshivam661@...>
  • Shruti3004 <>
  • Wonjae Park <wonjae.park@...>
  • Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) <paulliu@...>
For complete list of commits, please check 3.11.0-rc1.

We would like to thank you all for your support for this release.

Best Regards
FOSSology Team