Release of 3.5.0

Shaheem Azmal M MD

Hello all,

After two release candidates, making fixes for REST API installation and various migration tests, FOSSology is stable enough for a new release. The main features of the 3.5.0 release can be found under RC1.

Particular corrections after RC1 can be found under RC2.

Mainly 3.5.0 adds more documentation, infrastructure improvements and support for brand new FOSSology REST API. A brief introduction about the REST API can be found at:

Moreover, new functionality has improved JSON output for nomos and restructured license detection for nomos. Last but not the least, FOSSology now have capabilities to ignore files specific to version control systems from the scanning improving scan times.


From the git commit history, we have following contributors since 3.4.0:


Please find the release and binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu based systems here 

Thanks & Regards
Shaheem Azmal M MD

Need to remove Debian packaging meta info from master branch

Gaurav Mishra

Hello all,


During our effort to publish FOSSology as a Debian package, we got few suggestions from the Debian community.

One of those suggestion is to remove the Debian packaging information (debian folder) from the master branch and put it into another branch like chore/debian/jessie.


This is done so to avoid conflicts as Debian maintainers will be editing this packaging information in the FOSSology mirror (hosted at Debian Sala). And any change in upstream can result in conflicts.


As this change will alter the packaging steps required by many of FOSSology users, we need your feedback.


I have opened an issue on GitHub for the same:


Kindly respond either on this thread or on the GitHub issue if you have any concerns regarding the same.

With best regards,
Gaurav Mishra