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Hi Geoffrey,

Did you try to scan a smaller file ?
I have just tested the basic Docker command you mentionned, and uploaded 326KB tgz archive, and the scan went fine.
I have exactly the same header as you have.

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OK, so CentOS won't work for me (all I'm trying to do is evaluate fossology to see if it will work for my needs, and I
don't feel like compiling php from source)

So I installed the docker image. That should

It doesn't work either. When I upload my source (300GB zipped) nothing happens. It appears that it unzips it,
(maybe?) but then it never scans it.

I think the scheduler is busted. When I go to the Scheduler Administration and click on "Status" for the "Scheduler" and
hit "Submit it says

Status of the scheduler failed.Connection to the scheduler failed. Is the scheduler running?
socket_connect() failed.
Reason: () Connection refused

This is the docker image...shouldn't it

FWIW, the banner says:

Version: [unknown], Branch: [master], Commit: [#142313] 2018/06/07 09:45 UTC built @ 2018/06/07 10:07 UTC

Is there a known stable version I should use rather than just docker run -p 8081:80 fossology/fossology ?


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Hi Geoffrey,

I am sorry for this experience, I think we do not have enough (any?) persons caring for the CentOS / yum based distros.
any help here is much appreciated.

I filed an issue for this:

Kind regards, Michael

On 15.06.2018, at 01:31, Greene (US), Geoffrey N <geoffrey.n.greene@...> wrote:

Yup it was php-mbstring. I just had to do a yum install on it. That
was the only package missing. Maybe just that one is missing from the
installdeps script ( I was using centOS)

Then I realized my php is too old. I thought I'll try the docker image instead... upgrading my php will be a pain...

Prepare for more questions from me tho... my first attempt at the docker image revealed a crashing scheduler... I'll
work that tomorrow.

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On Thu, 14. Jun 18:00, Greene (US), Geoffrey N wrote:
- easyrdf/easyrdf 0.9.1 requires ext-mbstring * -> the requested PHP extension mbstring is missing from your
You are missing the ext-mbstring package which can maybe be installed
- `$ apt-get install php7.0-mbstring` or
- `$ yum php-mbstring`

Since you followed the instructions, you should already have all
dependencies installed after running `./utils/fo-installdeps`.
Which OS do you use? Maybe it is not fully supported by the script.

Best regards

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