Re: Help a newbie

Michael C. Jaeger



your mail raises a few questions, I try to bring a few considerations.


1. „classes“ refers to *.class files? if yes, then this is maybe not the right thing for FOSSology, but maybe for some binary analysis tool (- next generation) or so. class files are usually results of a compiler so they omit source code comments which is where licensing statements are usually in.


2. FOSSology should be able to unpack *.jar files, so no need to zip it, except you would like to upload a set of jar files at once. If fossology cannot look into a jar file, it is a bug (and should be thus put in the issues tracker).


3. what is your point with “test” what are look for exactly?


Kind regards, Michael


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I am trying to run software packages/components through fossology. If i zip the package folder (with the jar file inside), will this successfully test all of the classes inside? 


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