Re: Fossology, SPDX Packages & Sub Packages


Hello again,

I came to the conclusion that, 
- from an SPDX point of view, the packages is what I need to describe the embedded components and dependencies included in the scanned project
- Fossology does not permit (yet) the creation of multiple packages

Now we can head towards making Fossology handle such packages + exoprt them to SPDX, but I will need confirmation that it is a good idea & others have the same need.

Also, how to achieve this ? 
I can imagine adding a "Make Package" link in the Actions column (see attached file).
This would 
- let the user configure the package
- clear all files within the directory (or compressed file), and include them in the package

In an ideal world (to come), dependencies and library could be compared to existing database (see Sharing-creates-value and Clearly Defined initiatives) and cleared automatically this way.

Any thoughts on this ?

Nicolas Toussaint
OAB - Orange Applications for Business - Lyon

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Subject: Fossology, SPDX Packages & Sub Packages
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 16:01:28 +0200

Dear All,

I am having a hard using Fossology to fulfil my needs efficiently.
I would like to share one of the core aspect I am struggling with, and would love to see if some of you are facing the same problems.

My goal is to scan complete products source code, and ultimately produce a report listing all embedded components (libraries, dependencies, etc.), their licenses as well as copyright notices.
Today, I generate SPDX-TV reports with Fossolgy, convert them to XLS format using the SPDX Tools [1], and manually reorganise the file to create a list of components.
I didn't find within Fossology  a way to indicate that, for example, a given directory/file contains the library X, licensed under Y, and copyrighted to Z, and generate the corresponding SPDX report.

Beside, the SPDX specifications seem to allow Packages and Sub-Packages identification [2] that seems to be what I'm looking for.

So my questions are:
- Do you share the need of identifying components / sub-packages within a scanned project ?
- If so, is there a way to achieve this with Fossology, and producing SPDX reports ?
- Can the SPDX [Sub-]Package be used to identify components and their license ?
- ... or is my compliance process totally wrong (should I identify and scan all components separately) ?


Nicolas Toussaint
OAB - Orange Applications for Business - Lyon
Tel: +33 608 763 559


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