Re: Can't upload file from URL by fossology docker

Gaurav Mishra

Hello Lei,

Frankly I have never used FOSSology behind proxy for "Upload from URL". But there is a proxy setting which you may use. For that, you need to edit the file "/usr/local/etc/fossology/fossology.conf" inside the docker container and set the respective "http_proxy" parameters.

Just restart the scheduler once after changing the file and wget_agent should pick the proxy settings from there.

Please let us know if the solution worked for you.

Thanks and regards,
Gaurav Mishra

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Subject: [FOSSology] Can't upload file from URL by fossology docker

I pulled a docker of fossology server. There is no problem if I upload file from localhost. But failed to upload from URL. The error log is as following:
2019-04-29 08:13:43 wget_agent [0] :: JOB[239].wget_agent[260.localhost]: "FATAL wget_agent.c.383: upload 36 Download failed; Return code 4 from:   /usr/bin/wget -q --no-check-certificate --progress=dot -rc -np -e robots=off -P '/srv/fossology/repository/5918713fc379/wget/wget.260.dir' ';;sdata=%2FVX1twSbFuIIrqiiOnCn11HWYQ6dHwXpxJOgGf1vCJU%3D&amp;reserved=0' -l 0 -R index.html*   2>&1"
2019-04-29 08:13:43 wget_agent [0] :: JOB[239].wget_agent[260.localhost]: agent failed with error code 12
2019-04-29 08:13:44 wget_agent [0] :: JOB[239].wget_agent[260.localhost]: agent failed, code: 12

Proxy is necessary in my environmental, so I wonder if there is any special setting to enable for fossology docker that I don't know. The following is what I have done to solve this issue.
   * Set not use proxy for localhost and
   * Set proxy for docker service by /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/http-proxy.conf.

Best regards
Lei Maohui

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