[fossology/fossology] f0348b: fix(buckets): Prevent possible buffer overflow/-run By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 7ee6b5: fix(mimetype): Fix usage of strncpy, remove memset By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 7beb85: fix(pkgagent): Avoid possible buffer overrun with ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] c4df71: refactor(fossology): Refactor modularity By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 7f087c: feat(spasht): Added Agent spasht By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 8a5f14: feat(pbconf): adapt to pb 0.15 and new fossology 3.3+ 2 messages By Bruno Cornec ·
[fossology/fossology] 89e461: fix(delagent): Fix possible buffer overrun By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 4a2829: fix(testing/db/c): Prevent buffer overflows By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] ff1aa9: chore(ninka): Remove Ninka packaging from master By Michael ·
[fossology/fossology] 8989c1: feat(copyright): New directory scan and better JSON By Michael ·
[fossology/fossology] 41fe2b: fix(deps): Fix dependencies for Debian Buster By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 12f064: feat(api): Get job status and ETA By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] f16c0e: fix(importReport): update easyRDF to a stable version By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 1d1fc0: chore(changelog): add info to changelog files for ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] ef4820: fix(ajaxExplorer): Reduce view creation By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 5 messages By Andreas Reichel ·
[fossology/fossology] a8c14e: Fixup commit By Andreas Reichel ·
[fossology/fossology] c1d165: fix(ununpack): Increase buffer sizes to prevent ov... By Andreas Reichel ·
[fossology/fossology] 259640: Debug test error By Andreas Reichel ·