[fossology/fossology] 348f44: fix(copyright): only scanner finding copyrights to... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 356416: chore(composer.json): updated symfony/dependency-i... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] a674aa: chore(docker-compose): harmonize versions with sw3... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 48c0ca: chore(composer.json): updated symfony/dependency-i... 2 messages By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 3885ac: fix(db): Optimize license browse queries By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 252bba: chore(installdeps): remove php-yaml from os level ... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] d85038: chore(unifiedReport): change phpword to a latest v... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 08ac47: fix(decider): remove force dependency of nomos and... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] f8fb18: chore(nomos): Fix filename conflict By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 96a4da: refactor(report): edited global license code make ... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 2e1580: docs(changelog): fix typo By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 2645be: Merge pull request #1447 from vivekaindia/feat/spa... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 7e00b7: feat(spasht): updated spasht copyright By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] b5f450: feat(spasht): Integrated License file successuly By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 160903: feat(spasht): Updated UI and Fixed spasht db table By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 9a3f86: fix(groups): add validations and remove CONSTRAINTS By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 808fa1: feat(rest): Upload packages from VCS By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 7887f0: feat(spdx): add user found copyrights to SPDX reports By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 359ae6: fix(lib/c): Prevent possible buffer overflow/-run By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 61be34: test(spasht): Add spasht to PHP linter tests By Gaurav Mishra ·