[fossology/fossology] bf47ed: feat(db): Make table of software heritage to store... By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] a55e1e: chore(wget_agent): Remove redndant code By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] e0b646: feat(scanner)ignore files from scanning using mime... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] f0951a: feat(scanner) : ignore files from scanning using m... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] aa51b9: fix(spasht): advance search checkbox showing data ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 164fb8: feat(reuse): add reuse of report configuration set... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] c20b7f: fix(SHagent): add proxy settings By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] f4b56e: feat(upload): add feature to change permission of ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 9875a3: ignore files from scanning using mimetype By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 8f4c63: feat(ojo): Remove upper limit from license name By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] d15c64: feat(email-smtp-config): Add SMTP User field into ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 415b2a: fix(view-license): Browse file without scanner ars By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] fbc860: fix(nomos):test-cases By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] a1b287: fix(nomos) : CC-BY-SA identification By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 4c04b5: fix(nomos) : segfault for large offset value 2 messages By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 12b7da: chore(lib): Move agent list to common place By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] ffdd07: fix(highlight): highlight for reference text that ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] a3323d: fix(log): fix warnings from apache error log By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 73fe66: fix(ojo): Handle dual-license and SPDX new naming By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 034c48: feat(dashboard): New dashboard pages with submenu By Gaurav Mishra ·