[fossology/fossology] 841859: feat(conf): add feature to change all local cleari... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 393163: fix(spdx): Fix duplicate copyrights By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] a737c4: feat(jobs): Show all running jobs By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 40792c: fix(ui): Use default timezone if not set By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 462591: feat(export): Export Copyrights By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] b00282: perf(license_candidate): Create PRIMARY KEY By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 377b5d: fix(spasht-ui): Removed extension from the spasht ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] e8c7c1: fix(licenseRef): Fix import of licenseRef.json By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 072896: fix(clearingDao): Copy acknowledgement with event By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 4e025c: feat(download): Limit source code download only fo... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 75c59c: fix(bulk): add class to show text highlighted for ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 00a68a: feat(ui): Display Job timings in browser timezone ... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 441d22: fix(clearingCount): do not add count as cleared in... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 59464a: feat(maintenance): Remove orphan log files By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] a35edb: feat(groups): Update default group for user By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 807f66: feat(nomos): Optimize JSON output By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 1b062b: fix(spdx): fix spdx-rdf export. By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 420903: fix(upload): Fix the check for expire_action By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 08132e: feat(rest): extend upload model with filesha1 2 messages By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 1fcb11: feat(spasht): Added Agent spasht By Vivek Kumar ·
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