[fossology/fossology] 865f8a: fix(licenseRef): Fix import of licenseRef.json By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 23504c: fix(lib): Correct non-default argument position By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 485ddc: fix(obligation): Refer to license conclusions By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 3aa573: feat(reuser): reuse deactivated copyrights 2 messages By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] dbd411: feat(showjobs): Show delete file name By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 5bd90e: feat(copyright): reuse deactivated copyrights with... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 73c5b6: chore(alljobs): Restrict to read By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] eb6078: fix(rest): fixed ignoreScm flag when input is false By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 87f887: feat(ci): Use FOSSology scanners in GitLab CI By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 571533: feat(reuser): reuse deactivated copyrights By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 7880e8: fix(delagent): Remove clearing_decision and lrb By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] a41120: fix(spdxReport): add missing artifact to file path... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] bd5662: feat(ReportDao): send heartbeat from Dao to keep t... By Gaurav Mishra ·
[fossology/fossology] 841859: feat(conf): add feature to change all local cleari... By Anupam ·
[fossology/fossology] 393163: fix(spdx): Fix duplicate copyrights By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] a737c4: feat(jobs): Show all running jobs By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 40792c: fix(ui): Use default timezone if not set By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] 462591: feat(export): Export Copyrights By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·
[fossology/fossology] b00282: perf(license_candidate): Create PRIMARY KEY By Shaheem Azmal M MD ·