[fossology/fossology] 865f8a: fix(licenseRef): Fix import of licenseRef.json

Gaurav Mishra <noreply@...>

Branch: refs/heads/fix/licenseref/import-fixes
Commit: 865f8ac02939314f24d583a3ebadbfb24eb39613
Author: Gaurav Mishra <@gmishx>
Date: 2020-07-09 (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)

Changed paths:
M install/db/licenseRef.json
M install/fossinit.php
M src/cli/exportLicenseRefUsingSPDX.php
M src/decider/agent_tests/Functional/schedulerTest.php
M src/deciderjob/agent_tests/Functional/schedulerTest.php
M src/lib/php/Dao/test/LicenseDaoTest.php
M src/lib/php/Data/Highlight.php
M src/lib/php/Test/TestAbstractDb.php
M src/monk/agent_tests/Functional/bulkTest.php
M src/monk/agent_tests/Functional/cliTest.php
M src/monk/agent_tests/Functional/schedulerTest.php
M src/reuser/agent_tests/Functional/schedulerTest.php
M src/spdx2/agent_tests/Functional/schedulerTest.php
M src/www/ui/core-schema.dat

Log Message:
fix(licenseRef): Fix import of licenseRef.json

1. Remove rf_md5 from licenseRef.json as it can be derived from rf_text.
2. Remove rf_pk from licenseRef.json as rf_shortname is the correct way
to reference a license from DB.
3. Update rf_md5 whenever rf_text updates.
4. Insert rf_add_date for new licenses.
5. If a license already exists as candidate, merge it with main
license_ref before updating.

Signed-off-by: Gaurav Mishra <@gmishx>