[fossology/fossology] af028b: fix(wget_agent): Fix possible memory corruption an...

Andreas Reichel <noreply@...>

Branch: refs/heads/andreas/gcc8-wgetagent
Home: https://github.com/fossology/fossology
Commit: af028b00d3b154380ed42239da0edf81e77620ee
Author: Andreas J. Reichel <andreas.reichel@...>
Date: 2019-08-30 (Fri, 30 Aug 2019)

Changed paths:
M src/wget_agent/agent/main.c
M src/wget_agent/agent/wget_agent.c
M src/wget_agent/agent/wget_agent.h

Log Message:
fix(wget_agent): Fix possible memory corruption and leaks

* Fix forgotten free after malloc in GetVersionControlCommand
* Replace this malloc and following s(n)printf with asprintf
* Increase GlobalURL buffer size
* Rename MAXCMD to STRMAX and introduce some new limits

Signed-off-by: Andreas J. Reichel <andreas.reichel@...>

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